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INSO President congratulated 2024 World Halal Standards Day

Dear Respected Brothers, Sisters, and Esteemed Colleagues,
Undoubtedly, choosing an occasion with the term of "halal standards" is a smart move, the void of which has been felt for decades. The issue of halal is one of the commonalities of the humanism school of thought in Islam; it has a deep importance and influence in the formation of daily social interactions of Muslims and, consequently, non-Muslims. Today, Muslims with a population of more than two billion people play a leading role in all global interactions, and economic relations and collaborations are the central of them. Therefore, what is considered important and valuable for such community of two billion people should be reflected globally, and the selection of World Halal Day will help to resonate this religious obligation.
Halal has four crucial roles among Muslim countries: the inherent role, the social role, the economic role, and the discourse role.
Its inherent role combined with the integrity of authenticity, quality, and health per Islamic rules; its social role creates Muslim’s Islamic identity and is a cross point with non-Muslims; its economic role achieves a significant share of the halal economic market at the level of Islamic countries; and its discourse role is the common language and halal standards for human bliss in the world the hereafter.  
Ensuring the halal status of the halal products through the development of standardization, accreditation, metrology, and conformity assessment under the approach of applying technical and jurisprudential requirements meets consumers’ confidence.
I sincerely congratulate you on the first-ever 2024 World Halal Standards Day, which innovatively proposed and approved by SMIIC, and I wish you further success, health, and well-being.

Dr. Mahdi Eslampanah
INSO President