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Thursday 10/8/2015
Conformity Assessment
Wednesday 10/14/2015
Conformity Assessment is any activity to determine, directly or indirectly, that a process, product or service meets relevant technical standards and fulfills relevant requirements. These activities may include testing,inspection and certification.
The Duties and roles of ISIRI in connection with Conformity Assessment:
1-    Surveillance implementation of products/ services standards at production sites and distribution centers
2-    Issuance, revocation, renewal and suspension of the license to use ISIRI standard mark
3-    Issuing products quality certificate prior the order of registration
4-    Surveillance implementation of standards at points of goods import and export to make sure about the quality of the products subject to compulsory standards
5-    Surveillance implementation of grade standards for precious metals
6-    Evaluation and preparing the reports for the qualitative yields of productions subject to compulsory standards
7-    Conformity Assessments of products which results in certification includes: technical inspection, sampling, test, inspection and issuing conformity certificate
8-    Determining the nature of importing goods and notifying the customs
9-    Surveillance implementation of standards for energy consuming equipment and processes
10- Certification of compliance with energy consumption index
ISIRI Measures in connection with Conformity Assessment:
1-    Developing TAHA project for the coordinated implementation of standards at supply and sales centers
2-    Comprehensive development of Standards project at production and manufacturing establishments
3-    Policy making for national welding industry
4-    Planning and building infrastructure for implementation of Halal and organic standards
5-    Planning, building infrastructure and implementation of standards for agricultural products including contaminants limit
6-    Licensing the activities and supervising the performance of domestic and international inspections companies   
7-    Licensing registration of goods and brands