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Thursday 10/8/2015
Duties and Responaibilities
Wednesday 8/25/2021 :INSO Responsibilities as a governing authority
  • Determination, development, and publication of national standards except those of medicines 
  • Determination of product specifications and comparison with related standards (except medicines)
  • Implementation of International System of Units (SI) and calibration of testing equipment
  • Assaying and hallmarking of precious metals 
  • Accreditation of domestic and foreign inspection bodies and companies, laboratories, standardization experts, and certifiers of quality management and environmental management systems
  • Granting Iran National Quality Award (INQA)
  • The national authority of the Welding Industry
Based on these responsibilities, the activities of INSO are defined in five categories of Standardization, Conformity Assessment, Metrology, Accreditation, and Standard Research.