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Thursday 10/8/2015
ISO Annual Meeting 2023
The world of IEC
  • Saturday 1/1/2022 The world of IEC
    An animated video that shows the breadth and scope of IEC work Watch to find out more about the crucial role of International standards and Conformity assessment in making the world safer and more efficient.
Season’s Greetings from ISO Secretary-General
ISO Strategy 2030 NSB projects and initiatives survey
The way to net zero
  • Saturday 11/13/2021 The way to net zero
    ISO has hundreds of internationally agreed standards dedicated to achieving net zero commitments, but what does that really mean?
The first and largest Iranian Standard Sandwich!
Eddy Njoroge, ISO President- WSD 2021
WSD initiative video
  • Sunday 10/10/2021 WSD initiative video
    Iran National Standards Organization (INSO), has just published the video to showcase an initiative that helps people of the community to become more aware of their rights.
World Standards Day 2021 Poster