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Appreciation of ISO Secretary General on the strong presence of Iran's National Standards Organization in ISO’s technical activities during ISO GA 2022

At the end of the ISO General Assembly meeting, ISO Secretary General, Sergio Mujica, during a special meeting with INSO President, addressed the latest structural changes and the improvements of INSO both on the organizational and governance level as the ISO member.
He also praised the strong, active and effective participation of the INSO in all meetings of the ISO General Assembly and international technical committees.
Mojica also expressed his interest on using elite Iranian experts in fields of standardization and holding training workshops for other ISO members in the framework of exchange of experts.
In this meeting, Dr. Islam Panah invited the Secretary General of ISO to attend the National Quality Day commemoration ceremony which will be held early next year, as well as visiting the facilities, scientific and technical capacities of INSO and the Standard Research Institute.